This is a plateau on a steep rugged hillock that protrudes out precariously and is not easily negotiable by man. Located at Vaphai, a village about 86 kms. Away from Champhai, and a visit to this site is a thrilling experience. According to legend the plateau is the site where Thasiama`s Mithun used to calf, considered impossible for a Mithun to climb even today. However, legend tells us that Thasiama had an affairs with a beautiful Fairy named Chawngtinleri and that the Fairy had bestowed him a gift that his Mithun will multiply and make him prosperous. The Fairy used to guide Thasiama`s Mithun to this particular hill for safe delivery and guard it against the onslaught of tigers that haunt the area.

Photo Gallery

  • Seno
    Front view (Thasiama Seno neihna)
  • Seno
    View from distance (Thasiama Seno neihna)

How to Reach :

By Air

The nearest airport is Lengpui Airport in Aizawl district located at a distance of 260.0 km approximately via Keitum - North Vanlaiphai Rd.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Bairabi Railway Station located at a distance of 344.3 km via Aizawl-Seling-Champhai Rd and NH6

By Road

It is about 82.7 Kilometres from Champhai and 230.4 Kilometres from Aizawl.