District Sericulture Office look after all Sericulture activities in the District. This includes implementing Plan Scheme, CSS, NLUP, and other related activities, administration of all VLC’s and all Developmental activities in the District.

Looking after Sericulture activities in the District includes :-

1. Giving awareness of the Sericulture Prospects and activities to the people within the District, identification and selection of of Sericulture Farmers.

2. Supplying the planting materials (Food plants) helping the farmers in the Developments of Plantations.

3. Supplying of Rearing equipments like Rearing Trays, Mountage and Rearing Chemicals.

4. Helping Construction of Rearing House in cash and in kind (supplying GCI sheets, etc.).

5. Supplying of Disease-Free-Layings (Dfls) to the private rearers as per requirements.

6. Purchasing of cocoon products from the farmers, which involves other activities like stifling of cocoons, drying and storage before sending to Reeling Station Zemabawk.

7. Giving training and exposure visit to the farmers under the programmes of different schemes.

8. Implementation of CSS & other schemes and policies such as:-

  • Rastrya Krishi Vigyan Yojona (RKVY)
  • Cluster Development Programme (CDP)
  • Intensive Bivoltine Sericulture Development Project (IBSDP)
  • Integrated Muga Silk Development Project (IMSDP)
  • Other Programme under ATMA and CSB
Designation Number
District Sericulture Officer 1
Sericulture Extension Officer 1
Sericulture Demonstrator 2
Sericulture Inspector 0
L.D.C 1
Rearer 1
MR Workers 3
Head Assistant 1

Office Location : Champhai Bethel