About District

Champhai District came into existence on 12th December, 1997. The District, located in the North East corner of Mizoram is border with Manipur in the North and Myanmar in the East and South. The District is divided into three Sub-Divisions i.e Champhai, Ngopa and Khawzawl and consists of four blocks namely Champhai, Khawzawl, Ngopa and Khawbung. Champhai Town is the administrative Headquarters of the District.

The Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Champhai District, Champhai was established on 22nd April 1998 and had Pu C.Hmingthanzuala, IAS as its first Deputy Commissioner.

Set in the beautiful state of Mizoram with its colourful tribal traditions, orchids and butterflies, Champhai boasts a fabulous view of the Myanmar hills. It covers an area of 3,185.83 sq km and has a population of 127,660 (2011 Census). This frontier district has a special place in the history of the tiny north-eastern state and its people. It is said that the history of Mizo starts from Champhai and ends in Champhai. Major towns are Ngopa, Khawhai and Khawzawl. It is a fast developing venue on the Indo-Myanmar border. The famous Rihdil Lake is only about 50 kms away from the town of Champhai.

Champhai District has a salubrious climate and a number of tourist attractions. Champhai valley known as “The Rice bowl of Mizoram” located towards the base of the town. A chain of green hills encircle luxuriant rice fields, which add to the beauty of this place.

Champhai is a bustling commercial town at the Indo-Myanmar border, in the beautiful state of Mizoram, 194 km from the capital Aizawl. Champhai District offers a wonderful view of the Myanmar hills. A storehouse of ancient relics, monuments and memorials connected with legends and folklores, Champhai has a background of rich heritage. The small hamlets around the town are dotted with monuments and monoliths that depict success in war, valorous hunting, personal distinctions and achievements.