DMS Office

The Health & Family Welfare Department look after the District Hospital, PHCs and Sub-Centres within the District. 

List of Medical Officers Under District Medical Superintendent, District Hospital Champhai
Sl. No Name Designation Contact No Permanent Address
1 Dr Zatluanga DMS 9862613766 Champhai Venglai
2 Dr PB. Zodingliana Consultant (NF) 7085892754 Dinthar Aizawl
3 Dr Lalthanglawta CMO (NF) 9862626688 Champhai Venglai
6 Dr Lalhmingmawia Specialist 8415935268 Bawngkawn Aizawl
7 Dr Vanlalhmangaihi Hmar Specialist 9612194846 Leitan Durtlang
8 Dr Vanlalremsanga Specialist 9612157649 Mission Veng Aizawl
9 Dr Biakthansangi Medical Officer 8794744904 Zotlang Aizawl
10 Dr Lalramengi Medical Officer 9612155636 Rahsi Veng Champhai
11 Dr RE. Lalremruata Medical Officer 8119833344 Vengsang Champhai
12 Dr Vanlalhruaii Medical Officer(Eye) 8853122051 Hospital Quarter
13 Dr KT. Lalrammawia Medical Officer(AYUSH) 8974000858 Hospital Quarter
14 Dr Liansangpuii Medical Officer(AYUSH) 8974000858 Hospital Quarter