The Champhai Power Circle look after Power Supply for the whole District of Champhai, Mizoram. It ensures regular power supply for the consumers ie. Bulk Consumers, Domestic Consumers and power supply for getting water supply from PHE. And further the circle monitors the electrical works within the whole Champhai District.

List Of Employees Under Champhai Power Circle, Champhai District
1 Lalrinmawia Superintending Engineer Aizawl, Republic 9436140764
2 Zothansanga Executive Engineer (P) Aizawl Venglai 9862662735
3 Chuaungura Junior Engineer Aizawl Electric 9436148611
4 C. Lalhruaitluanga Junior Engineer Champhai Venglai 8575572573
5 Robert Lalramluahpuia LDC Aizawl Ramhlun S 9089222764
6 Lalhlunthanga Peon Champhai Vengthlang 9856525197
7 Rozara Chowkider Champhai Zote 9862601079
8 K. Zairemmawii Muster Roll Champhai Kahrawt 9612211243
9 Saithangpuii Work Charge Champhai Venglai 9862267084
10 Lalrinchhani (Chhungi) Muster Roll Champhai Vengthlang 8974441017
11 John Zorammawia Muster Roll Champhai Kahrawt 9856527108
12 Rohlupuia Driver (MR) Champhai Electric 8575669336
13 PC. Lallianmawia Driver (MR) Champhai Electric 8014670533
14 Lalhmangaihi Sweeper (MR) Champhai Kahrawt 9612144053
15 Helen Lalmuanpuii LDC (MR) Aizawl Chaltlang 70853565045