Mizo Cuisine


Vawksa Chhum (Boiled Pork with Mustard leaves)

Mizo Cuisine is different from the rest of the country. The usual meal is plain and have very less spices. The popular dishes are Plain white Rice, Bai, Sawhchiar(one of the staple dishes), Chhum han(Tlak), Bawl.

Bai – combination of several vegetables cooked with edible ferns.

Sawhchiar – made of rice with pork or chicken.

Sa Rep – smoked meat (fish, chicken, pork or beef).

Chhum han(Tlak) – steamed or boiled vegetables without any seasonings.


Behlawi hnah(Cowpea Leaves)

Hmarcha rawt – tangy and spicy chilli chutney.

Dal – Yellow Maso or boiled lentils.

Bawl – dishes prepared with fermented fats(saum).

Bekang – fermented soya beans.