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Tlangsam Champhai


Tlangsam is a beautiful place with small hills and mountains with refreshing nature. The place overlooks the picturesque paddy field and also is a point of adventure activity like paragliding. In December when mercury drops below freezing point the fields are covered with beautiful frost layers giving an exemplary feel of snow over the ground.


Zokhawthar & Rihkhawdar, Rih Dil (Myanmar)

Zokhawthar Myanmar

Zokhawthar is a border trade town (Indian territory) with Rihkhawdar (Myanmar territory). The ‘Rih Dil’ a popular tourist attraction as a natural lake in the shape of a heart is located in Rikhawdar (Myanmar). Tourist visit the place to have a glimpse of Myanmar and also do minor shoppings at the border town. Several Myanmar products comprising of different variety of noodles, local green tea(Phan), coffee and other garment products can be bought at the border market. However it is advised to pursue limited shopping to avoid custom penalties.


Monoliths of Vangchhia

Monoliths of Vangchhia

The lost city of Vangchhia-the largest necropolis site in Mizoram can be found in Khawbung RD Block, Champhai District. Kawtchhuah Ropui (The Great Entrance way)is a natural heritage site marked with 171 ancient carved stones. The 171 menhir stones in the village became Mizoram’s first protected archaeological site in 2012. The ancient graves and the 200 meters long water pavilion that has been unearthed are all key to a lost civilization.