Culinary Delights


Vawksa Chhum (Boiled Pork with Mustard leaves)

Mizo Cuisine is different from the rest of the country. The usual meal is plain and have very less spices. The popular dishes are Plain white Rice, Bai, Sawhchiar(one of the staple dishes), Chhum han(Tlak), Bawl.

Bai – combination of several vegetables cooked with edible ferns.

Sawhchiar – made of rice with pork or chicken.

Sa Rep – smoked meat (fish, chicken, pork or beef).

Chhum han(Tlak) – steamed or boiled vegetables without any seasonings.


Behlawi hnah(Cowpea Leaves)

Hmarcha rawt – tangy and spicy chilli chutney.

Dal – Yellow Maso or boiled lentils.

Bawl – dishes prepared with fermented fats(saum).

Bekang – fermented soya beans.

Pumpkin leaves Stew is a mizo vegetable stew, it’s a mizo food since old times, and it is one of the tastiest food side dishes and simple and easy to make. It really worth to taste. It can be mixed with different vegetables according to the one who prepare it.

Maian Bai lem

Maian Bai

In Mizo’s from the old times we can say that in every meal they have never eat without bai. Bai is always a main dish, and rawtuai bai/bambooshoot stew is one of the tastiest side dishes and it is simple and easy to prepare. It can be added with some other vegetables to make some flavour according to the person who make it.

Rawtuai bai

Rawtuai Bai