Right to Information and Obligations of Public Authorities Under Section 4(1)(b),

Chapter-II of the Right to Information Act, 2005.


i)  Monitoring and supervision of all the developmental works (District Innovation Fund,MGNREGS, BADP,etc)of the concerned Department in the District.

 ii)  Co-ordination and guiding the activities of various  field departments at the District  Level for successful implementation of various Govt. schemes, flagship programme and special development programmes.

III)  Implementation and monitoring of MPLADS and MLALADS directly  through authorised agencies.


                           3)   JUDICIAL FUNCTIONS :


1)   The Deputy Commissionerís Office is the Office of the District Magistrate.

2)   It is responsible for the maintenance of Law and Order in the District.

      3)   Issue Certificates like Tribal, Residential, Income, character, Tax Exemption, Travel Concession Card etc.

4)   Issue and renew  Inner Line Permit (ILP).

5)   Deals with matters relating to arms and explosives. Forward application for Arms Licence,  Registration of Arms and renewal of Arms Licence.

6)   Recovery of loans and debts under Certificate Case.

7)   Protection of Consumer Rights through District/Consumer Forum.

8)   Ensuring better co-ordination for fighting against crime having international repercussions.


                           4)      DISASTER MANAGEMENT AND REHABILITATION:


1)   Rescue, relief and rehabilitation of those affected by natural calamities within the District.

2)   Provision of financial relief ( ex-gratia ) incase of death and damage of property due to   natural calamity.

3)   Distribution of Silpaulins for prevention of landslide.

4)   Co-ordinating activities of various Departments in times of natural disaster.

                            5)      ELECTORAL FUNCTIONS:


1)   It is the Office of the District Election Officer.

2)   Preparation of Electoral Rolls for  elections to the State Legislative Assembly and the Parliament.

3)   Conducting free and fair elections.

4)   Implementation of Electors Photo Identity Card Scheme.

5)   Co-ordinating all the Election related works in the District.


                           6)      IMPLEMENTATION OF NEW LAND USE POLICY (NLUP):


1)   Co-ordination of various NLUP Line Departments for successful Implementation of the Policy.

2)   Supervision and verification/monitoring of  all activities under NLUP.

    3)  Actions as a link between the NLUP Line Departments, Village Level Monitoring Committee, Village Level Implementing Committee and the NLUP Implementing Board.

4)   To deal with all matters related to NLUP within the District.

                             7)      OTHER FUNCTIONS:


1)   As office of the Principal Census Officer, population enumeration, National Population Register (NPR), Socio-economic & caste census, etc. are all operated in the District by this office.

2)   Receiving and entertaining VIPís and Important dignitaries visiting the District.

3)   Observation of Important days viz : Independence Day, Republic Day, Chapcharkut, etc.

4)   Redressal of Public Grievances through Champhai District Information and Grievances Redressal System.

5)   Enforcement of the Provision of cotpot in the District stopping of Trade of Contraband items etc.

                        In addition to the above mentioned functions,it can be concluded by saying that the D.Cís Office deals with all matters of administrative nature within the District.


The procedure for the application and issue of various certificates under D.Cís Office, Champhai District, Champhai are briefly stated as follows:

1)      Permanent/Temporary Residential Certificate

i)          The application form for Residential Certificate can be bought for Rs.10.

ii)         The applicant must write his particulars in all the required space of the prescribed form.

iii)                The form must be sealed and signed by SDO/BDO/SDC/VCP to certify that the particulars given by the applicant in the form is genuine and correct.

iv)                Permanent Residential Certificate can be issued only to those applicants who have resided in the District for more than 20yrs. Those who have resided for less than 20yrs can be issued Temporary Residential Certificate.


2)      Scheduled Tribe / Scheduled Caste Certificate :

                             i)         The application form costs Rs.10.

ii)         The aplicant must fill up all the blanks in the form.

iii)         ST / SC Certificate can be issued only to those belonging to the list of SC /ST mentioned in The Constitution(Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes)Order,1951,etc.

iv)        Comments of VCP/AO/BDO/Reliable Gazzetted Officers / D.Cís Staff (LDC and above ) stating that the particulars of the applicant given in the form is correct, must be attached to the form.

      3)      Income Certificate

i)                    The Income Certificate form costs Rs.10.

ii)                  The applicant must furnished all the required information in the prescribed form .

iii)                Applicants working under the Govít. should provide a document showing his/her payscale which is       certified by the Head of Department concerned.

iv)                Aplicants not working under the Govít. should attach VC/YMA recommentation to the form.


4)      Inner Line Pass (ILP)  :

                            i)          The application form for the issue of Regular ILP costs Rs.20. In addition, Rs.100 is

                                        to be paid  by the applicant on issue of fresh ILP.

ii)                  The applicant and the Sponsor must fill up the blanks and give their signature in the space required to be filled up by them respsctively.

iii)                The form must be signed and sealed by Ė SDO/BDO/AO/VCP in the required space in the form to certify that the particulars given in the form is correct and genuine.

iv)                Applicant of Nepali/Gurkha origin should bring certificate from the Deputy Commissioner of their Village/Home town to prove that they are Indian National.

v)                  Applicants from the Districts of Karimganj, Hailakandi and Cachar of Assam should enclose relevant extract of E/Roll countersigned by concerned ERO.

vi)                5 passport size photo of applicant and sponsor should be enclosed.

vii)              Only indigenous persons residing in Mizoram either individually or representing Govít. Officer shall be accepted.

                       Extension of validity of ILP :

i)                    The Extension form of ILP costs Rs.20.

ii)                  The applicant is required to pay a fee of Rs.100 for every extension/renewal of his / her ILP.

iii)                The applicant must fill up all the blanks in the form. The form shall be signed and sealed by SDO(S)/BDO/AC/VCP in the spaceprovided to certify that the reason for extension of ILP is genuine.

iv)                The validity of ILP can be extended two times.The extension shall not exceed 6 monts at a time.

v)                  The application for renewal should be submitted 7 days before the expiry of the ILP.


Population (2011 Census)


* The details of "East Lungdar and Biate", Champhai District which fall under Serchhip PCO also included.


Range of Temp in Summer

15-35 C

Range of Temp in Winter

10-25 C

Principal Languages

Mizo and English

Literacy rate


Vehicle Registration Code


Time zone

IST (UTC+5:30)

Area in 000' sq. km

21,087 sq. kms

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